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Tones of Beauty


  • 1 Month Unlimited
  • 1 Month of VHR Tanning
  • 10 Mystic Tan Sessions
  • 6 Months Unlimited Tanning
  • MON
    10:00 AM- 8:30 PM
  • TUE
    10:00 AM- 8:30 PM
  • WED
    10:00 AM- 8:30 PM
  • THU
    10:00 AM- 8:30 PM
  • FRI
    10:00 AM- 8:30 PM
  • SAT
    10:00 AM- 5:30 PM
  • SUN
    12:00 PM- 5:30 PM


Tanning Beds



Tropical Rayz Ultra Bronzer 460 

Maximum 10 Minutes (facial and non-facial models)

Montego Bay Viper VHR 44 

Maximum 12 Minutes


Maximum 20 Minutes  (facial and non-facial models)

Standup Tanning


Sun Capsule - Standup (Maximum 10 Minutes)

With more than 10,000 watts of tanning power, this sun capsule has 54 - 200 watt reflector lamps, making the average session time 6 to 8 minutes and a maximum time of 10 minutes. This sun capsule has its own dressing area and also has a large fan at the top which creates a 15 mph breeze from the bottom to top to keep you cool and comfortable while tanning.

Leg Tanning


HL 38 Leg Tanner
The Leg Tanner™ was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the colour of their mid section and face. 

It is a fact that tanning beds concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the middle of the tanning area. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for customers’ legs to “ catch up” with the tan on their more easily tanned faces and mid section. Additionally, much of the pigment that makes up skin tan is lost after shaving.

  • Easy to operate
  • Contoured Acrylics
  • Max session 12 Minutes
  • Tans around the entire leg


Mystic Tan


Mystic Tan 

California Tan OK utilizes the trusted product brands in the market, such as using Mystic Tan™, a tanning product that has provided over 2.5 million tanning sessions. Mystic Tan™ is a spray-on, UV-free tan that goes on smooth and even to create a natural-looking tan in less than sixty seconds. The tan lasts six to seven days. The booth’s patented MagneTan™ technology uses the natural magnetic properties of the human body to evenly attract Tanning Myst™ – a formula of moisturizing Aloe Vera, instant bronzers and sunless tanner – to every surface of exposed skin.



We have been proudly serving the Oklahoma City, OK area since 1990. We offer a variety of packages to our customers. There are 3 Levels of Tanning included in the (Month Unlimited) with No Upgrade Charge. ($35.50 +tax) No High-Pressure Sales Tactics & No Contracts or Sign Up Fees! 

We also offer VHR Tanning, Leg Tanners, U-V Free Mystic Tan Self-Tanning Spray Booth. We offer a variety of tanning lotions and anything we don't have in stock, we can get in 2 days! Guarantee service with a smile!

  • Awesome staff and clean place .. with great tanning beds it :)
    Jessica Motes
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    Traci Tailey
  • Friendly staff and reasonable rates. Close to major highways.
    Matt McNeil
  • Friendly employees,reasonable prices,discounts,and they keep new bulbs in the beds. The plus is no contracts no pressure. Win win
    Brandi Banks